A single, unified solution for Human Capital Management and Payroll

An HRIS, or Human Resource Information System, helps you to manage your business better. Utilizing an HRIS enables you to free your staff from manual processes by transferring all of your HR needs to a single, cloud-based workforce application. Automate administrative tasks, maximize profits, and empower your workforce with all the tools they need to succeed.

Our DATIS HRIS solution also encompasses Payroll which creates an easy, innovative way to organize, staff, and pay your workforce with ease and efficiency. Our HRIS solution is different from others because it utilizes Position Control to track employees. This means that you will experience better workforce visibility and easier budgeting practices.

HRIS is sometimes viewed as a just a tool for HR and Finance purposes. However, the increased automation is effective at driving widespread efficiency throughout an organization. It also increases transparency and provides real time reporting for critical decision-making.

Increased efficiency cultivates a more productive environment at your organization and real-time reporting improves the quality of critical decisions. Therefore, DATIS HRIS becomes a strategic differentiator by shifting your organizational focus from administrative tasks to strategies that promote innovation and growth.

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