DATIS Human Capital Management

A single, unified solution for the entire employee lifecycle

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Human Capital Management

A single system of record, unifying all stages of the employee lifecycle. Designed to help you organize, manage, staff and pay your workforce with ease and efficiency.

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Position Control

DATIS HR and Payroll is fueled by the power of position control software so you never have to code another employee again. Use the interactive and actionable organization chart to manage employees, positions, and budgets with an at-a-glance view of your entire workforce.

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Time & Attendance

An easy to use web-based method for compliant wage and hour time tracking. Reduce labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and increase worker productivity.

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A highly automated, rule-based payroll engine. This solution is both accurate and compliant, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Process payroll in hours, not days.

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Benefits Administration

Online open enrollment, predefined eligibility dates, and configurable plan rules allow you to simplify and automate the benefits process. Use robust reporting features, variable employee monitoring, and eligibility tracking to stay compliant with new PPACA guidelines.

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Recruiting Management

Identify, attract, and select top talent with easy-to-use applicant tracking. Our solution allows you to speed up recruiting time and analyzes vacancies to reduce daily-lost revenue from open positions.

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Talent Management

Configurable training and credential requirements coupled with robust online performance appraisals allow you to develop every employee into your best employee. This solution encompasses performance management, goal and development plans, learning management, and credential management.

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Workforce Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time reporting from the cloud. Generate robust, standard reports to view powerful and relevant data with drilldown capability. Or, use our simple report writer to create your own.

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DATIS delivers a holistic HCM and Payroll Software that manages the entire employee lifecycle in the cloud. It is designed to help health and human services organizations increase compliance and revenues while reducing expenses and risks, but it also appeals to many other industries as well. With DATIS, organizations can shift their focus from administrative tasks to strategies that promote innovation and growth.
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