Benefits Administration Software

DATIS benefits administration software solution is part of the complete unified DATIS system. Benefits administration enables integration not offered by most other payroll service providers. With integrated benefits, paperwork and redundant data entry tasks are eliminated along with billing and reconciliation hassles often associated with benefits administration.


    As a benefit of Position Control,  employment status is tied to the position and to the benefits eligibility status. Therefore, position reassignments impact the benefits eligibility date. This will automatically begin the waiting period for employees who go from ineligible to eligible. This eliminates HR from managing employment status changes, and eligibility dates.

    Benefits Administration Software Solution: Benefits Eligibility

    Benefits Eligibility


    e3 will automatically track arrears due to an employee not having enough money to pay their benefit deductions. Each benefit will calculate amount due. It will automatically recoup the amount due on the next paycheck or the payroll administrator can set up max payments. e3 will stop taking the max payments when the arrears amount has been satisfied.

    Benefits Administration Software Solution: Benefit Arrears

    Benefit Arrears


    This tool provides detailed information regarding who is enrolled in each plan, and how much is being taken out of each employee’s check. This is great for quick reconciliation of monthly carrier invoices.

    Benefit Administration Software Solution: Benefits Analysis

    Benefits Analysis


    DATIS provides support in writing an open enrollment wizard each year that are based on your complex rules associated with robust benefit plans to include Evidence of Insurability, helpful external links to find doctors, and age reductions associated with certain plans.

    Benefit Administration Software Solution: Online Open Enrollment

    Online Open Enrollment


    Benefit Administration Software Solution: Pension


    DATIS sends a feed to your pension provider for both employee and employer contribution information, and any loan payback information. DATIS receives a feed from carriers detailing all changes made on their site, including new loans, reductions or additions to contributions. These changes flow over into payroll and update automatically. The report is provided for audit purposes of the changes that were made.

    Benefit Administration Software Solution: Pension

    Pension Audit


    Some clients have different eligibility rules for different classes as well as different waiting periods for benefits versus pension. Our system allows clients to create custom dates based on specific rules associated with a group of employees. For example, if managers are eligible day 1 for benefits and the rest of employees are eligible after 90 days, these rules can be created based on corporate level or even by job code. Also, employees maybe eligible to contribute to 401k after day 1, but regular benefits do not start until after 90 days.

    Benefit Administration Software Solution: Custom Dates

    Custom Dates Configuration

What is Benefits Administration Software?

Employee benefits administration software empowers your organization to define, implement, manage, and adjust any number of benefit plans. It offers employees a variety of benefits plans including insurance, retirement, and health. DATIS Benefits Administration is part of the complete, integrated HR and payroll software solution.