Benefits Administration Software in the Cloud

Part of a holistic approach to human capital management, the DATIS benefits administration software enables your HR staff to work more efficiently and empowers your employees with the information they need to complete online open enrollment with ease.

Enable Efficiency in HR

With Position Control,  benefits eligibility status is tied to the position, not the employee. This way, the waiting period automatically begins when employees come onboard or change positions. This creates a more efficient HR department by eliminating the time-consuming management of status changes, and eligibility dates and enabling efficiency with increased automation.

Empower Your Employees

Together we will configure an open enrollment wizard that based on your organization’s complex benefit plan rules including EOI information, helpful external links for doctors, age reductions associated with certain plans and more. Then, employees are empowered to use the open enrollment wizard to choose benefit elections, see payroll deductions based on their choices, and print a summary. Administrators can monitor the progress of open enrollment through the actionable benefits dashboard.


Benefit Administration Software Solution: Online Open Enrollment

Benefits Paired with Payroll

Benefit software and Payroll software work better when they work together. For example, when an employee does not have enough money to pay their benefit deductions the DATIS software will track those arrears and they will be automatically recouped on the next paycheck. Or, administrators can set up maximum payments over multiple periods.


Benefits Administration Software Solution: Benefit Arrears

Another advantage of integrated benefits and payroll is the reporting capabilities. Through carrier feeds, pension providers are sent all contribution information and receive any changes made by the carrier including new loans, reductions or additions to contributions. These changes flow over into payroll and update automatically. The report is available as an audit of any changes that were made.


Benefit Administration Software Solution: Pension

Automatic Analysis from Anywhere

The Benefits Analysis tool provides detailed reports of which employees are enrolled in each plan and how much is being taken out of each paycheck. This is great for quick reconciliation of monthly carrier invoices.


Benefit Administration Software Solution: Benefits Analysis

Everybody is Different

Every organization is different. So, our software enables custom dates for different eligibility rules for different classes as well as different waiting periods for benefits versus pension. Use custom dates based on your specific rules associated with different groups of employees. For example, some managers may be eligible for benefits on day 30, while executives are eligible on their first day.

What is Benefits Administration Software?

Employee benefits administration software empowers your organization to define, implement, manage, and adjust any number of benefit plans. It offers employees a variety of benefits plans including insurance, retirement, and health. DATIS Benefits Administration is part of the complete, integrated HR and payroll software solution.