An Advanced Approach to Onboarding Software

With DATIS, you don’t have to dread the onboarding process for new employees. Our onboarding software automates the entire process with forms management step-by-step instructions so you can welcome new employees with open arms. This automation ensures greater first day worker productivity and quicker assimilation to the organization.

There Is a Better Way

Hiring a new employee doesn’t have to mean filling out mountains of paperwork. Our new hire onboarding wizard automatically guides you through a few steps to ensure that you collect all of the required employee information before they begin work. Because our onboarding software is part of a fully unified HCM solution, all information entered by the new employee during the application stage will flow seamlessly into the new hire wizard and be auto-populated so that you never have to waste time with duplicate data entry.

Onboarding Software Wizard

Position Control Plays a Big Role

Position Control ensures accuracy and compliance in the onboarding process. Each position has predefined attributes that are inherited by new employees such as GL coding, program, cost center, funding source, location, education, and credentialing requirements, so you can be sure you are collecting all required information. Position requirements are enforced by the New Hire Wizard during the onboarding process. Never code another employee again.

All Employee Data. All Electronic.

The electronic employee file begins during the onboarding process. Capture I-9 information, W-4, direct deposit, employment documents, and credentials electronically. All information will be stored in the system indefinitely at no additional charge.

Onboarding Software Direct Deposit

What is New Hire Onboarding Software?

New hire onboarding software ensures that the necessary employment documentation and credentials are collected from the recruit prior to becoming an employee. This is to guarantee compliance and effective onboarding. The automated human resource management system then attaches the employee inheritable attributes to the position.

The DATIS new hire onboarding wizard leads your organization’s workforce through a series of configurable steps to collect legal, tax, regulatory, and credential information before the employee begins. The onboarding portal empowers the employee with self-service HR functions and increases new hire productivity.