Position Control

DATIS HR Position Control software for Human Resource Management is the foundation of the DATIS Human Capital Management solution, unlike other common widely available software which is employee based. Position Control is critical for non-profit human services organizations as it allows these organizations to budget at the position level independent of employees.


    Build, track and report on your organization with up to nine levels for your needs such as company, program, cost center, location, funding source


    The position control organization chart is an interactive and actionable organization chart to manage employees and positions. Using position control, you can manage position attributes, request approval to refill open positions, view open positions, view and screen applicants for open positions. Directly from the organization chart you can complete performance appraisals, corrective actions, and request terminations.

    Position Control

    Position Control Organization Chart


    The workflow driven approval process is based on positions. With position control, you never have orphaned employees because positions report to positions.


    Employees inherit position attributes such as GL coding, program, cost center, funding source, location, education and credentialing requirements.


    You will experience superior accuracy and never code another employee again. You will be better able to budget and manage your organization, while eliminating mistakes and funding clawback forever.

What is Position Control Software?

A position control human resources system tracks actual staffing levels and costs over time by assigning a unique number to each position and is then tracked separately from the employee that occupies that position. Position control enables vacancies to be tracked, staffing and salary budgets planned more accurately, and prevents over hiring and budget deficiencies. DATIS position control software is an integrated payroll and human resources (HR) software-as-a-service (SaaS).