Bring In the Recruits

DATIS recruiting management software streamlines the identification, screening, hiring, and on-boarding of applicants so you can bring the recruits onboard faster and easier.

Attract Top Talent

With seamless integration to job boards, new job posts are automatically routed to your internal careers site and external job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster, and more, so you can get the word out to more people in less time.

Adopt Efficient Applicant Tracking

Track applicants easily online throughout the entire process from application completion to offer letter distribution. Progress steps for applicants will be configured and tracked based on your organization’s needs. With this method, communication can be configured so that applicants are not viewable to managers until they have completed an initial phone screening, or questionnaire.

Fill Positions Faster with Open Position Tracking

Increase your visibility into open positions so you can fill them faster. Electronic workflows streamline the process of requesting and approving a position to be filled. Use the actionable organizational chart and configurable notifications to monitor which positions have been requested, which are pending approval, and which have been approved.

Streamline Communication

Electronic communication makes it easier and more efficient to identify, evaluate, and hire the best possible candidates. With recruiting management software in the cloud you can view resumes, applicants, and comments from other reviewers online, from anywhere. You can also complete pre-screenings electronically and use a 5 star system to rate applicants. Finally, use the configurable offer letter template to send an electronic offer letter to the selected candidate.

Improve Processes with Robust Reporting

Vacancy reporting features allow you to report on number of vacancies, recruiting days, manager progress, and daily lost revenue per open positions. This enables constant monitoring of the recruiting process and the opportunity for continual improvement.

Welcome New Employees with Open Arms

When recruiting management software is part of a fully unified human capital management solution, HR doesn’t have to dread the task of bringing new employees onboard. When an applicant is hired, all information from their application flows seamlessly into the new hire on boarding wizard, eliminating duplicate data entry and providing step by step instructions to collect all relevant information, documents, and credentials for the position electronically.

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