Talent Management Software

DATIS talent management software solution helps non-profit human services organizations by working to let you track credentials, as well as align, assess, and pay for performance all with a single, unified solution. This component manages goal management, performance management, credentialing, and learning management.


    Track and manage licenses, certifications, clearances, fitness, skills, education and registrations. Manager and organization-wide compliance reports are available with drill- down capability.


    Configurable employee statements allow you to keep your employees and managers automatically and electronically informed of credential status, expiration and compliance


    Build and complete custom electronic performance appraisals online and execute a paperless performance appraisal process. Tie performance appraisals to organizational goals and job descriptions to aid in achieving the desired employee behaviors and productivity

    Talent Management Software Performance Appraisal


    Use the learning management system to track, assign and report on all your employees’ trainings. We offer learning management as an option for organizations who do not use a learning management content provider

    Talent Management Software Learning Management


    Setup training specifications to be followed by your managers, employees, internal training staff, and external training vendors. Create your training classes and associate your individual employees, job code groups, or other groups easily


    Features online enrollment for courses, viewing prerequisites, course information, class size, and coordinating schedules. Online course material and online grading for instructors

What is Talent Management Software?

Talent management software is used for organizational development that includes goal tracking, performance reviews, and credential management. Team and organizational goals are established to monitor employee engagement, compliance, and completion.

DATIS talent management software builds and implements performance appraisals to review employee behavior and actions. The credential tracking portion of the learning management software proactively alerts employees of current credential statuses and compliance.