Cloud-based Credential Management

Ditch the spreadsheets. DATIS credential management software makes it easy to track compliance. Administrators and managers have real-time, online dashboards with actionable, easy-to-read graphs. Managers and their employees proactively receive configurable statements of credentials with their current status.

Credential Management Software for Talent Management

Configurable Credential Management

Tie your credential requirements to certain jobs and individual performance appraisals. You can assign credential requirements and equivalents by job code and other various organizational levels.

Intuitive Compliance Tracking

There is an easier way to track credentials. Use organization-wide compliance reporting to view a complete summary at-a-glance. Then, use our drill-down features to get more details when you need them. Dynamic compliance trending graphs current compliance as well as 30, 60, and 90 day forecasted compliance using credential expiration date information.

Audit Approved Electronic Files

Our credential management software stores all employee information in an electronic file indefinitely. Our clients have completely rid themselves of paper files and regularly pass audits with flying colors.

What is Credential Management?

A credential management system easily tracks and monitors compliance. Credential management services are automated through the integrated HR and payroll software.