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DATIS Workforce Analytics is a powerful, business intelligence and HR reporting toolkit. Workforce Analytics is comprised of executive, administrator and manager dashboards. It also encompasses abundant and robust standard reporting in addition to easy-to-use custom report builder.


    The DATIS Executive Dashboard gives C-Level executives a view to relevant information to help them spot trends and issues within the organization. Employment trends are displayed in graphical format to enable executives to view agency-relevant information such as vacancies, turnover, PRN utilization, overtime trends and more. Our dashboard is configurable allowing you to define the information that is most important to your team. Some of our customers use this view as part of weekly executive team meetings.

    HR Reporting executive dashboard


    For administrators of the system, there are useful dashboards such as the time-keeping and benefits-administrator dashboards. With at-a-glance graphics, administrators can monitor in real-time the progress of weekly time sheet submissions and benefit enrollment. Beyond the dashboards, DATIS has built tons of standard reports to fulfill legislative reporting such as EEO, Veterans reporting and employees working outside of status, just to name a few. Payroll preview allows payroll managers to review and analyze earnings, deductions and taxes by various perspectives to catch and verify variances before running payroll.


    DATIS has built a powerful dashboard for managers to be more proactive in managing their employees. DATIS provides managers with a view of employee credentials and corrective actions, and it alerts managers to employees with expiring credentials and those that are approaching overtime.

    HR Reporting Manager Dashboard


    Benefit Administrators can monitor the progress of open enrollment and life event changes. The benefit administrator dashboard also provides a view of additional information required from employees such as evidence of insurability (EOI).

    HR Reporting Benefits Dashboard


    The time-keeping dashboard provides employee managers, payroll managers and system administrators with a view of weekly timesheet collection progress. The dashboard alerts user to missing punches and out balance effort reports helping managers to address issues at the source long before payroll has been run. Employee and managers are alerted when timesheets are due as well as timesheets that are past due for submission or approval. Administrators can also follow-up with employees to help keep everything running on schedule, making payroll a breeze.

    HR Reporting Timekeeping Dashboard


    DATIS provides users a variety of HR reporting methods. Most reports are accessible by different organizational dimension such a company, program, cost center, funding source and location to name just a few examples. Date ranges allow you to view data for the time periods relevant to your needs. All tables and grids within the system allow users to export data to Excel for further analysis if needed.


    Besides our powerful and robust standard reporting, we provide you with an easy-to-use report builder to help you gain access to all your information. We provide you with pre-defined views to make it easy to select the data you need without help from IT. Our friendly support staff is also available to help you if you get stuck.


    DATIS is unique in that we do not charge you extra for all this reporting. It is included as part of your subscription.

What is HR Reporting Software?

Workforce analytics provides HR reporting and metrics that provide insight and trends as a part of an integrated HR and payroll software solution.

DATIS HR Reporting software automates standard reports that are available for different organizational dimensions including the program, cost center, funding source, and location. The reporting dashboards provide executives, administrators and managers with graphical representations of trends and other relevant information in an easily viewable format.