DATIS brings together the best in cloud technology, industry expertise, and superior customer service to drive customer success and enable Health and Human Services organizations to better manage their workforce and achieve their mission.

Cloud Technology

Software-as-a-service delivered through cloud technology eliminates any concern of how employees will be paid, even if there is a disaster or a hurricane that affects your organization. There is no hardware to purchase or maintain, and the data is kept in a secure, highly protected center. This allows you to focus on serving your clients, rather than spending resources on IT maintenance and disaster recovery plans. The SaaS model also allows for easy scalability that allows the software to grow with your organization, without costly versions or upgrades. Because our software is deployed in the cloud, regular updates and enhancements are included, which means you will always have the best and most current version.

Human Services Industry Expertise

DATIS is the only HR and Payroll provider dedicated to the Health and Human Services industry. We have over 15 years of experience in the space and there is no provider who speaks your language the way we do. Our support and implementation services go above and beyond other vendors because of our industry expertise and our ability to consult on best practices. Our HR and Payroll software is designed specifically to meet the needs of Human Services organizations. We are best positioned to ensure compliance, maintain strict budgets, meet complex reporting requirements, manage credentials, and more. Rest assured, our software is designed to meet your organization’s unique needs and will continue to evolve to address any changes in this complex industry.

Superior Customer Service Experience 

DATIS takes great pride in our customer support, and it is a defining quality that sets us apart from other HRIS providers. We provide a continuous support model from the implementation period through post go-live. Our cross-functional Customer Enablement Team is comprised of industry experts that are trained in multiple areas to provide a high level of support for the entire system. We maintain strong goals and procedures to ensure responsiveness and excel at exceeding customer expectations.

Position Control

Position Control is the foundation of DATIS and is what sets us apart from other vendors. DATIS is the only provider of Position Control-based HR and Payroll software. This type of software allows our clients a unique level of configurability and necessary robust reporting capabilities. Position Control also protects our clients against compliance risk and over-budgeting and allows for the allocation of labor across organizational levels such as program, cost center, and funding source. As employees transition in and out of positions, they inherit the attributes and requirements of that position, eliminating the need for recoding.