HCM for CFOs :
Compliance by Payroll Software


Organizations are constantly struggling struggling with budgets, compliance, and strategic planning. Without a fully unified HCM and Payroll software, Finance departments are forced to spend time doing back-office tasks to piecing together the financial puzzles of their organization.

Due to inflexible and outdated software, Finance executives must make critical business decisions based on incomplete, inaccurate, or missing information. Erroneous data endangers an organization’s financial health increasing the risk of regulatory noncompliance resulting in expensive penalties and hefty fines.

Simplify and modernize the flow of financial data with one complete, cloud-based HCM and Payroll software.

The benefits of HCM for CFOs include:

  • Reduce staffing expenses and eliminate benefit and payroll leakage
  • Configurable labor distribution methods for highly granular, exact labor costing
  • Support executive strategic planning with real-time, organization-wide analytics
  • Tax, budget and other regulation compliance through robust reporting capabilities

Don’t let the financial picture be a puzzle. Harness the power of HCM for innovative insights that drive better decision-making and improve financial efficiencies. Create a better business today.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear more about the benefits of HCM for CFOs from customers who love DATIS.