A CEO Guide to Improving Employee Satisfaction

Written by Datis Admin

July 18, 2018

A CEO Guide to Improving Employee Satisfaction

In the Health and Human Service industry, employees are an organization’s biggest asset. Retaining a positive and motivated workforce is more vital than ever to an organization’s success. Too often, executives rely on a cut-throat, high-pressure culture to drive organizational success. However, research shows that fostering a positive work environment and focusing on employee satisfaction can greatly increase employee productivity.

Fortunately, CEOs are beginning to see the importance of keeping their employees happy, and are starting to prioritize their employee satisfaction efforts. According to the DATIS Workforce Management Trends survey, over 56% of CEOs said that employee satisfaction was a top priority for them in 2017.

With that said, it’s important for CEOs to understand what employee satisfaction looks like. Luckily, it seems that CEOs are confident in recognizing happy employees when they see them. Of those CEO respondents that listed employee satisfaction as a top priority, an impressive 92% said they were “moderately” to "extremely” aware of their employee’s satisfaction levels.

When looking for ways to maintain employee satisfaction in 2017, CEOs must go back to the basics and keep these simple tips in mind:

Treat Employees with Respect
It’s as simple as it sounds. CEOs must consider that their workforce is made up of men and women who dedicate a large portion of their day to support the organization’s mission. From clinicians to executives, everyone in the organization deserves to be treated with respect. Being understanding when personal matters are affecting your employees and acknowledging that they have a life outside of work is a great way to show that you care.

Encourage Social Connections
Socialization in the workplace does wonders for employee happiness, and CEOs should find ways to encourage social relations around the office. When employees are friends with their coworkers, they feel more connected to the organization and are more excited to come into work each morning. Organizations these days are adopting more open office floor plans in an attempt to remove barriers and encourage communication between coworkers. Simple things like celebrating office birthdays, eating lunch together, and hosting out-of-office outings can help employees form more meaningful relations with one another.

Give Employees Purpose
Fulfillment also falls under the umbrella of employee satisfaction. Reiterate the impact that your employees have on the overall mission of the organization. Make sure your employees understand that they’re there for more than a paycheck, and that they are working towards something bigger. Additionally, celebrating individual achievements in the workplace lets employees know that you’re paying attention and appreciate their efforts.

While CEOs understand the need to prioritize employee satisfaction and are aware of their workforces’ satisfaction levels, they must continue their efforts in order to maintain high productivity levels. Satisfied employees are less likely to leave the organization, thus decreasing the notoriously high turnover rate of the Health and Human Service industry.

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