Is Cloud-Based Software Right for Your Organization?

Written by Datis Admin

July 18, 2018

Is Cloud-Based Software Right for Your Organization?

It’s time to face the facts, the days of manually downloading software are coming to an abrupt end. To the delight of consumers, even the most traditional software vendors are now transitioning to a more advanced, user-friendly way to distribute their products and services. Cloud computing is growing in both popularity and market share, as more organizations are starting to adopt cloud-based software solutions.

If you’re reading this blog, my guess is you’re still not 100% convinced that cloud-based software is right for you. It’s hard to trust something as intangible and complex as ‘The Cloud.’ With that said, I’ll do my best to walk you through the basics of cloud computing and explain why it’s growing in popularity at extraordinary rates.

What is Cloud Computing?
Most people think of The Cloud as an elusive place in the sky where data is stored and intricate processes magically happen.  However, in reality, cloud computing is a lot less mystical than that. The Cloud is actually just a term for a system of remote servers that allow software programs to run and store information remotely. For consumers, this eliminates the need for internal server maintenance.

Cloud-based software solutions provide numerous benefits when compared to their manually-installed, internal predecessors. For starters, cloud-based software solutions are considered safer and more secure than traditional IT systems. According to a report by BBC News, “Most of the major data breaches that have taken place over the last five years have been from internal, not cloud-based, databases.”

Another major benefit of cloud-based software is its ability to be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This is essential for organizations that employ field workers or employees that can’t physically be in the office at all times throughout the day.

Where did it come from?
Surprisingly, cloud-based software solutions have been around for quite some time now. One of the first milestones in the cloud computing history was the introduction of Salesforce back in 1999. Salesforce was one of the pioneers of delivering enterprise applications via a simple, easy-to-use website. Once Salesforce found success with this business model, many more software vendors quickly followed suit.

Nowadays, according to a report by McAfee, over 93% of organizations utilize cloud services in some form. A further 74% of organizations reported that they currently store some or all of their sensitive data in public clouds. Obviously, cloud computing has become mainstream since its initial success almost two decades ago.

Is Cloud Computing for you?
While we’ve seen countless technology trends come and go, Cloud Computing is here to stay. More and more cloud-based software solutions are entering the market and traditional internal software solutions are slowly becoming extinct. It is no longer a question of if your organization will invest in cloud-based software, but rather a question of when. Utilizing a simple, secure, and scalable system to manage your organization has become a necessity to stay competitive in today’s business environment.

Cloud-based software continues to play an increasing role in the way organizations do business. There are currently cloud solutions for everything from CRMs to HR and Payroll. Before allocating large percentages of your IT budget towards cloud computing, make sure you’ve done your research and pick a software solution that addresses all of your organization’s needs.

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