DATIS Year in Review: Our Best Blogs of 2017

Written by Datis Admin

July 17, 2018

DATIS Year in Review: Our Best Blogs of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, executives will be looking back at the highs and lows their organization experienced in the past year, hoping to build on their success in 2018. As we at DATIS do some reflecting of our own, we wanted to share our most popular blogs of 2017. So, without further ado, here are our best blogs of 2017.

The Future of HR Positions
Blog Summary: Years ago, many experts believed that modern technology and software solutions would ultimately replace HR professionals, automating the tasks that consume most of their days. However, recent studies and surveys have found that the future of HR positions is actually looking bright and prosperous, and that new advancements are in fact increasing the importance of HR professionals within their organization. This blog explores how technology continues to shape HR positions, and, when implemented correctly, can allow HR professionals to more greatly impact their organization’s strategy and success.

Top 5 Priorities for CEOS in 2017
Blog Summary: The DATIS 2017 State of Workforce Management report identified the priorities of CEOs, CFOs, and HR executives for the year ahead. This report also helped expose the current long-term goals and challenges of Health and Human Services executives. DATIS then helped benchmark these executives with a follow up survey, which helped create the DATIS 2017 Executive Priorities report. This blog focuses on CEOs and how they planned on managing their resources and workforce in 2017. It indicated that the vast majority of CEOs agreed that they wanted to see improvements in specific areas of their organizations, which were analyzed and explained in this blog.

HR Trends 2018: What to Expect
Blog Summary: With the 2018 just around the corner, executives need to start preparing their organizations for the new year. One of DATIS’ most recent blogs uses primary research, nationwide surveys, and expert opinions to predict some of the trends likely to impact organizations in 2018. Understanding these trends can help executives proactively make budget adjustments, hire the right candidates, or implement the right strategies before it’s too late.

Five Question Fridays with Linda Rosenberg
Blog Summary: In 2017, DATIS launched it’s ‘Five Question Fridays’ interview series that features leading thought leaders, executives, advocates, and experts from a variety of different industries. This interview series provided unparalleled insight into some of the biggest topics in healthcare, HR, education, and more. Our interview with Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO of The National Council for Behavioral Health, made its way to the most popular blogs of the year. Linda has a unique perspective into the Health and Human Services industry, and discusses some of the industry’s biggest challenges, threats, and opportunities.

The Importance of an Organizational Chart
Blog Summary: Throughout the year, DATIS writes numerous blogs about tools and software features that can benefit the way executives organize, manage, and grow their organizations. One specific tool that caught a lot of attention in 2017 was the DATIS blog discussing the importance of an Organizational Chart. An Organizational Chart, often referred to as an Org Chart, is a visual representation of an organization’s hierarchical structure that increases transparency and streamlines the flow of information throughout organizations. This blog explores the importance of these Org Charts, and the benefits they provide to everyone from executives to interns.

That concludes the top five blogs from 2017, ranked by number of unique views. For the latest updates on DATIS and to receive our latest blogs, remember to follow us on Twitter.

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