Five Question Friday With Kris Dunn

Written by Datis Admin

July 17, 2018

Five Question Friday With Kris Dunn

Welcome to Five Question Fridays, the interview series that asks thought leaders, experts, and executives the questions that matter. Our last guest was Craig Bass, the CEO of Alexander Youth Network. Craig discussed a variety of topics, including the importance of community support for nonprofits and the value of HR technology.

This week’s installment of our Five Question Fridays interview series features Kris Dunn, HR expert and founder of industry leading HR blogs including HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent. Currently working as a CHRO in Atlanta, Kris’ strong social following and blog readership constantly use his advice and wisdom to better manage their workforces.

Check out our ‘Five Question Fridays’ interview with Kris Dunn below:

Kris, for over seven years, you’ve served as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix, a recruitment processes outsourcing (RPO) firm for growth companies. What do you like most about your current position and what are some interesting projects you’ve been working on lately?

My favorite thing about my current position is that our core business is part of what I like best in the world of talent – recruiting. In addition to being in the business of recruiting, I also like the fact that I get to work on passion projects that are key to successful talent people operations – during my time at Kinetix, I’ve created and launched a Recruitment Marketing and Leadership Training lines of business, which we use ourselves and also provide to clients outside of Kinetix.

In late 2006, you launched The HR Capitalist, an HR blog where you posted on every business day for over a year. Then in early 2008, you launched Fistful of Talent, a group blog written by an opinionated team of recruiters, HR pros, managers and consultants. How have these blogs grown and evolved since their inception?

The blogs are among the most read in the industry. Fistful of Talent gets 50K in page views monthly and is ready by another 15K who take the content via a daily email. The HR Capitalist will get 25K in monthly page views and is read by 12K daily via email subscription.

Our recent 2017 Executive Priorities Report, which surveyed hundreds of executives on today’s leading HR trends, found that 63% of respondents believe their organization would benefit from a structured onboarding processes. In your opinion, how can a poor onboarding process impact a new-hire’s future at an organization?

Every new hire comes in with a “honeymoon” state of mind when they start. Better onboarding can help with goal setting, performance feedback, routine check in’s and more – all things that help managers of people ensure they don’t forget about the new hire they were so excited to recruit in the first place.

One of the latest trends in HR we’ve noticed is organizations of all sizes and industries investing in sophisticated HR software solutions. In our interview with Sharlyn Lauby, she said, “A strategic technology solution can free up human resources to spend more time on activities like sourcing, recruiting, training, and retention.” What are your thoughts on the role of technology in HR?

The goal of any modern HR leader should be to minimize the % of time his/her team has to spend on transactions, which has positive impact because it frees up time for staff to pursue more value added activities. But – and there is a but – bringing in technology and not reorganizing expectations of what your department is working on to get away from transactions is the biggest fail point for HR functions as technology is onboarded.

You currently work fulltime as a CHRO while contributing to various HR blogs in your spare time. What continues to drive your passion for HR and how do you plan to keep your momentum going in the years to come?

I write daily. That’s the commitment, and it’s engrained in my lifestyle. Having to work through issues in my head and knowing that I’ll have to defend what I say keeps me sharp. It’s been the most impactful thing I’ve done in my career.

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