How To Love Your HR Software

Written by Datis Admin

July 17, 2018

How To Love Your HR Software

February is a month dedicated to showing your love and appreciation for the people and things around you. Unfortunately, that love and appreciation isn’t always directed at your HR Software. As the workforce becomes more and more complex, organizations are struggling to adopt systems and technology to manage the modern workforce. Some HR departments are still looking at their HR Software through rose-colored glasses. However, many are beginning to feel bogged down by administrative tasks, and caught in a constant battle with inefficient tools and outdated processes that should be automated. The relationship you have with your HR software should be a positive one- enabling your organization to evolve and grow, instead of holding you back with old versions, clunky equipment, and faulty integration.

It’s time to stop settling for less. HR and Talent Management functions are the heart beat of your organization, driving efficiency and innovation, which makes it crucial that you find the best possible partner to power your HR software. Your organization deserves better. Though it may be hard to believe, there are HR & Payroll software providers with qualities that you can actually fall in love with, including:

One Easy-To-Manage, Unified Solution Forbes stated that on average, companies have 3-4 different HR applications. When juggling multiple systems, it’s difficult to give one system your complete and undivided attention, causing inefficiencies and inconsistencies. By unifying everything from the recruitment process to timesheets and benefits all in one database, your HR department can simplify and modernize processes, allowing them to use their time more wisely.

Cloud-Based There are an endless amount of reasons to switch to a cloud-based software. These reasons include: security, ease-of-use, ability for quick and easy set-up, the variety of cloud-based software, and more. On top of all of that, the reason that may resonate the most with an organization is the ability to conserve capital through the utilization of cloud services. Because of this, Gartner projects that cloud deployments will increase by more than 46% by 2017.

Talent Management Focus Today, employee development is becoming a top priority for organizations to increase retention rates. Talent Management has become one of the most sought after solutions to accomplish this. Performing and tracking appraisals are key factors for organizations that hope to keep their employees engaged and retain their top talent. Additionally, a robust Talent Management software can ensure that credentials are up to date and employees are in compliance at all times. It is imperative to leverage a Talent Management solution that increases employee engagement and aids in employee development without creating a bigger burden for the HR department.

Reduced Cost Although the initial expense of implementing a new, unified HR software may seem daunting, it often turns out to be extremely manageable, especially with the realization that you will no longer be paying for multiple, disparate systems. You are likely incurring unnecessary fees with multiple providers and the costs of the inefficiencies and potential compliance issues could be astronomical. It’s time to let go of the dysfunctional relationships caused by pieced-together solutions. With a unified system, you have a single source of truth that increases organizational visibility and productivity overall while reducing costs.

Engaging Software The amount of engagement that comes from both the managerial side, as well as the employee side, allows for all of the Human Resources processes to run smoothly. Everything from benefits administration, to leave requests, and other workflows, can be completed on one simple platform that allows for employees and managers to view all the information they need to manage their day-to-day tasks without having to ask HR for help. The relationship between your employees and your HR software will be stronger, eliminating the need for HR personnel to act as a third wheel.

It’s amazing how easily we accept inefficient and outdated processes simply because “that’s the way we have always done it.” When you adopt new tools that your employees love, you can Recharge your HR department by eliminating mundane and cumbersome administrative tasks and enabling them to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive the organization forward. If your current software is not performing at the level you need it to, it's time to cut ties and start fresh with an HR software that truly fits your needs and can act as a strategic partner for your organization.

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