Non-Monetary Ideas for Employee Recognition

Written by Radhika Aswani

July 18, 2018

Non-Monetary Ideas for Employee Recognition

With the end of the year approaching, it is no surprise that employees in the Health and Human Services industry have a lot on their plate. Additional monetary bonuses and benefits may not be on the table to keep motivation at an all-time-high, so what exactly can your organization do to keep the company culture intact and employees engaged?

In our recent Executive Priority Insights Report nearly half of respondents identified “unable to offer competitive pay” and “unable to offer competitive benefits” as challenges their own organization faces when retaining employees. Fortunately, monetary incentives are not the only way to keep your employees motivated.

Here are a few simple non-monetary ideas to show employee recognition within your work place:

Employee of the Month
It does not matter whether your nonprofit has 100 people or 1000. Employee of the Month is always a classic approach to employee recognition. This may feel a bit cheesy, but who doesn’t like to be recognized for their hard work every once in a while? For larger organizations, it may be more beneficial to split employee of the month by departments. That way you will be able to keep all the departments of your organization engaged and excited.

Company growth is one of the many reasons employees decide to stay or leave. This promotes employee recognition by showing fellow coworkers that you can move up within the work place. It gives a sense of assurance within the nonprofit, that makes your employees feel secure at your organization. By providing upward mobility within your organization, you’re allowing promotions to stay within the company, which will overall require less training that a new hire would take. It’s definitely a win-win.

Team bonding (It’s all about the Culture)
Organizations tend to succeed if they work as a team. By hosting mixers and happy hours for your employees, you are encouraging them to get to know each other outside of the work place. This allows employees to look forward for Monday morning. Team bonding instills employee recognition by showing employees that they work with like-minded individuals that support the nonprofits mission.

Challenge your employees. Instead of allowing workers to be in a repetitive routine, try to switch things up in the work place. This allows your employees to not feel like they’re reliving the same day over and over again.  By creating weekly department meetings, you can allow workers to feel important with what they are doing for the company. These meetings would highlight where employees are at in their task list, and what they plan to accomplish going forward. There are many hats to wear when working for a nonprofit, so it is important to make sure all your employees are on the same page and feel valued.

There are several Human Capital Management software’s that provide the tools to check up on your employee’s hours and progress within the company. This software allows you to track the time and attendance from your employees, which will help you track their engagement overall.

The Health and Human Services industry use different tactics to implement employee recognition, what’s yours?

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