Position Control for Healthcare Organizations

Written by Datis Admin

July 18, 2018

Position Control for Healthcare Organizations

In today’s healthcare environment, organizations face the daily struggle of increasing patient quality and service demands while simultaneously remaining financially sustainable. With labor costs representing the largest operating expense for most healthcare organizations, executives are scrambling to implement HR systems that help them budget more effectively and better manage their workforce.

While there are many sophisticated HR systems available on the market, very few can successfully meet the complex budgeting, reporting, and compliance needs of today’s healthcare organizations. This is because they lack Position Control, a Human Capital Management tool that gives healthcare executives complete control over their workforce.

Position Control allows healthcare executives to budget at the position-level, independent of the employees. Not only does this make it incredibly easy for managers to track employees and vacancies within their organization, but also ensures that the organization has no un-budgeted employees on its roster.

One of the major benefits of Position Control for healthcare executives is the ability to customize the structure of their workforce. This is made possible because Position Control allows managers to tie attributes like salary ranges, job descriptions, and education requirements to each individual position, not employee. This guarantees that there are no surprises when a new employee fills one of the organization’s vacant positions.

Tracking credentials is also essential for healthcare organizations. Employees with expired credentials could put their organization at risk of non-compliance with various federal and state regulations. Through Position Control, executives can tie credential requirements to the position, ensuring that new employees have the proper licenses, certifications, and registrations needed to assume the position. With Position Control, managers and employees will receive automatic notifications when a person’s credentials are about to expire.

For healthcare executives, providing quality service should be the number one concern, yet managing the industry’s complex labor needs continues to distract them from their organization’s primary mission. By unleashing the many powers of Position Control, executives can better organize, track, and budget their workforce.

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