Recharge Your HR

Written by MaryJane Craig

July 17, 2018

Recharge Your HR

HR is a department that has been consistently labeled as “behind the curve” of modern innovation and strategies and “barely getting by”. Yet, even faced with the knowledge that HR is underperforming, organizations are still not expending sufficient strategic efforts and investments to improve this department. It seems that businesses have begun to accept mediocrity in HR. Why have we become complacent with inefficiency in the HR department while we demand excellence in all other facets of the organization?

If a Sales department announced that their 2016 strategy consisted solely of door-to-door selling, they would all be fired. However, when HR continues to operate with archaic, paper-based processes, no one blinks. That’s just “the way they have always done it”. If organizational performance is struggling, executives will often invest in Sales, Marketing, or Customer Service to drive change and growth. They often overlook HR and its ability to act as a strategic differentiator.

It is time to recharge HR through strategy, innovation, and automation. These three core initiatives will enable HR to power your organization forward:

1. Redefine the Status Quo
In order to fully recharge HR, organizations need to embrace new ways of doing things. Clunky software and paper processes may seem like the path of least resistance, but the inefficiency and compliance risks of these methods far outweigh any benefits perceived in delaying change. Organizations cannot remain complacent with inefficiencies. HR needs to redefine their processes with robust and simple solutionsthat innovate and automate core processes.

2. Reconfigure Business Processes
Often times, organizations maintain costly, complicated, customized systems that have been patched, fixed, and updated over the years. In the end, this holds organizations back. Today’s business environment demands solutions that are inherently flexible and have the ability to grow with your business. New cloud solutions can power HR by providing the configurability that organizations need, without holding them back with old versions and costly upgrades.

3. Reinvent the Employee Experience
A recharged HR department can energize the company culture. HR needs to play a role in their own evolution, transitioning from a transactional role to a transformational role. By thinking of themselves as service providers to the employees, HR can take a strategic approach to identifying pain points and challenges in the employee experience. This knowledge will help determine engaging solutions that can delight employees and create a culture that acts as a strategic differentiator in terms of recruiting, retention, productivity, and more.

HR and Talent Managementfunctions are at the very core of organizational efficiency, powering the entire workforce. They need to be addressed in order to improve organizational performance. If your car’s engine had a problem, would you go to the mechanic and purchase four brand new, state-of-the-art tires to make your car run faster? Probably not. You won’t get very far with a strategy like that.

Your car can’t run optimally unless you thoroughly review all issues and develop a holistic solution. Your organization can’t run optimally if one department consistently lags behind the others.  Automating processes in HR & Payroll can provide greater organizational visibility, increase productivity, and boost revenues. Furthermore, a powerful talent management strategy can help attract and retain the top talent needed to help an organization reach new heights.

This DATIS Blog was written by MJ Craig, DATIS, on January 20th, 2016 and may not be re-posted without permission.