The HR Tools You Need To Increase Workforce Visibility

Written by Datis Admin

July 18, 2018

The HR Tools You Need To Increase Workforce Visibility

The Health and Human Services industry is unlike any other due to the mission of these organizations to provide quality care to those in need. However, this industry faces many challenges as they continue to fight low recognition and stagnant funding while public expectations for quality increase.

Managing internal processes at these organizations can be hectic, especially on the front lines of service. Executives must constantly work to improve their internal processes in order to increase efficiency, avoid compliance issues, provide quality care, and drive growth. This often requires having the right HR tools in place in order to have a high level of visibility into their workforce. We have all heard of the term “Workforce Visibility” before, but what does it really mean for an organization and how can it be achieved?

Total workforce visibility not only gives executives and management the ability to analyze their organizational structure, but more importantly allows them to follow this structure to best utilize their talent. As a result, leadership can make more confident decisions with statistically-backed analytics to better their organization. Listed below are a few HR tools that can help increase workforce visibility within the Health and Human Services industry.

Position Control
While there are many sophisticated HR systems available on the market, very few can successfully meet the complex budgeting, reporting, and compliance needs of today’s healthcare organizations. This is because they lack Position Control, a Human Capital Management tool that gives healthcare executives complete insight into their workforce. A Position Control management system increases workforce visibility through budget insight, credential management, inheritable attributes, ensured compliance, and more.

Organizational Chart
An organizational chart is an interactive and actionable way to manage employees and positions. These charts can be used to view the history, details, and status of all positions at a glance and perform a number of administrative tasks with the click of a button. Overall the Org-Chart is an efficient way to view the entire structure of an organization by seeing filled positions, vacancies, new hires, and open applicants.

Reporting Capabilities
Ensuring that employees have access to real-time, configurable reports increases the visibility and accuracy of decision makers at any level of management. Vacancy reports, roll-up reports, EEO reports, and FTE variances are just a few of the different position control-based reports that increase transparency.

Overall, workforce visibility enables organizations to overcome uncertainty and allows management to prepare for the future with metrics-based information. By empowering management with the right tools to complete their job with efficiency and accuracy, Health and Human Services organizations can better achieve their mission of providing the highest possible quality of care.

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