Three Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Lead Their Organizations

Written by DATIS Guest

July 17, 2018

Three Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Lead Their Organizations

This DATIS Blog Article, “Three Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Lead Their Organizations”, was originally posted by Debbie Ruston, The Success Educator, on January 19th, 2016 and was reposted with permission.

TRUST AND CREDIBILITY are built by Entrepreneurs that LEAD their people, through their vision, thoughts, and their actions.

A mistake that many entrepreneurs make when interacting with employees, is letting their ego get in the way, and coming from the mindset, “I’m the boss, do what I say”. They are not leading, they are managing. This is such an outdated way of thinking, yet many still make this mistake. Trust and credibility are not built from this egotistical mindset. It is built by having vision, being transparent and open in your communications with staff, walking the walk and being willing to set the pace.

Vision, Transparency & Open Communication – There will be times when there are challenges to deal with. Sales are down as an example. The ego driven boss will threaten and instill fear on the employee to perform, improve, or lose their jobs. No one performs at their maximum with this type of fear over their heads. A better approach is to openly share the challenges with your employees. Talk about sales being down, and open the communication for ideas staff may have to make improvements. Being an owner doesn’t mean you have to have all the solutions. There is a wealth of information in the staff you have, if you have surrounded yourself with the RIGHT people.

Walking the Walk – People don’t believe what you tell them if they don’t see it through your actions. Actions always speak louder than words. Doing tasks that may “appear to be” beneath your position speaks volumes to employees. Employees that observe the owner rolling up their sleeves and doing what it takes will gain a ton of respect, trust and credibility with those employees.

Setting the Pace – People naturally want to raise their game when it is the norm in the culture of an organization. People want to fit in with whatever the “norm” for the group is. This applies to both ends of the scale. If one is surrounded by people that are continuing to learn and grow, take courses, go to seminars, read, etc., one would feel out of place if they didn’t get involved. An owner that has a library of great books and encourages staff to read them and talk to them about what they read, will instill an open communication, a mindset of growth and sets the pace for people to continue to want to learn and grow. This type of mindset in an organization creates an engaged, happy, growth oriented organization. It is simple and inexpensive to start a company library, adding perhaps a book of the week to encourage employees to learn and grow.

A great strategy for any business owner is to surround themselves with great people. Never be threatened by someone else’s abilities. The better the people are in your business, the better your results as a company will be, and the better the employees will feel. It feels great when you are surrounded by forward thinking, excited, like minded, supportive, purposeful people. Getting this right will always excel the results of any organization.

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