Top 5 Human Services Executive Stats of 2017

Written by Datis Admin

July 18, 2018

Top 5 Human Services Executive Stats of 2017

The DATIS 2017 Executive Priorities Survey received responses from over 400 Health and Human Services executives. Their participation enabled us to gain insight into the current challenges they face in regards to the top HR trends including Recruiting & Retention, Employee Engagement & Satisfaction, and the Drive Towards Digital. These three top trends were identified in our 2017 State of Workforce Management survey earlier this year.

The DATIS 2017 Executive Priorities Survey uncovered many eye-opening statistics about the Human Services industry workforce. The complete results can be found in the comprehensive official survey report but we’ve chosen five key statistics to highlight below:

47% of Health and Human Services Organizations are Hiring for 10 or More Positions
The demand for Health and Human Services organizations has been growing at an increasing rate over the past several years. Executives are beginning to strengthen their workforces to serve more clients and prepare their organizations for the future. This helps explain why 47% of Health and Human Services organizations are currently hiring for 10 or more positions.

When hiring for multiple positions at once, it’s important that executives get the word out to as many potential candidates as possible. Posting open positions to top job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn is one way to ensure exposure to the right candidates at the right time.

Only 18% of Executives Believe Their Organization is Adequately Staffed
Our survey asked respondents to agree or disagree with the statement, “Your Organization is Understaffed.” Only 18% selected either “Disagree” or “Strongly Disagree,” suggesting that their organizations are adequately staffed. The remaining 82% of respondents believe there is a need to increase the employee count in their workforce.

Unfortunately, as many nonprofit executives know from experience, hiring qualified staff is much easier said than done. The task grows in complexity when organizations are hiring for multiple positions at once. Investing in Applicant Tracking software can help streamline the recruiting process, making reviewing candidates simple and efficient.

93% of Organizations Are Still Using Manual Processes
We currently live in a technological era where organizations are expected to utilize the latest in digital tools and strategies. Executives that fail to adapt to the times and continue using a time-consuming manual approach to processes can risk falling behind and missing opportunities to serve more clients in need.

A surprising 93% of organizations are still using manual processes to complete workforce management tasks. By not investing in digital tools and strategies, executives are restricting their organization’s growth and ability to reach their full potential.

88% of Executives Believe Investing in Digital Strategies Will Help Them Make More Strategic Decisions
While the vast majority of organizations are still using manual processes, an overwhelming 88% of executives reported that investing in digital strategies would help them make more strategic decisions. This shows that while executives understand the advantages of digital strategies, they’re hesitant to make the investment.

There are plenty of digital tools that can help executives make more strategic decisions. Today’s software solutions come stocked with , which is simply unavailable when using a manual approach to internal processes.

83% of Executives Believe Implementing Digital Strategies Will Help Them Serve More Clients
Not only do executives think that digital strategies can help with decision making, most executives also believe that such strategies can help their organization serve more clients in need. A total of 83% of respondents agreed that implementing digital strategies would help their organization better serve more clients.

In today’s climate, Health and Human Services organizations must do what’s needed to meet the increase in demand for their services. This statistic highlights the fact that executives see the value in implementing digital strategies throughout their organization.

For more statistics like these, download the full Human Services Insight: Executive Priorities Report.

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