Why Recruitment Software is the Future

Written by Datis Admin

July 17, 2018

Why Recruitment Software is the Future

Web-based recruitment software has become the standard for all organizations in the Health and Human Services industry. It allows organizations of all sizes to simplify the identification, screening, hiring, and onboarding of applicants. With less time spent on manual recruiting processes, employees can place more focus on hiring the right candidates in a timely manner.According to our 2017 Executive Priorities Report, 59% of Health and Human Services executives believe their organizations are understaffed. As technology continues to grow, recruitment software is beginning to play an important role in attracting top talent. Below are reasons that prove the importance of recruitment software in modern business strategies.


With seamless integration to job boards, recruiting software make it possible to have new job posts automatically rout to an organization’s internal careers site and external job boards such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and more. This empowers users to get the word out to more candidates in less time. Our 2017 Executive Priorities report found that the top three recruiting channels for Health and Human Services organizations are job boards, social media, and word of mouth.

Another integration to be aware of are analytics that can provide an organization robust reporting on the number of vacancies, recruiting days, manager progress and daily lost revenue per open position. This enables constant monitoring of the recruiting process and the opportunity for continual improvement.

Optimizing the Candidate Experience

Job hunters today know their value and are aware of the competitiveness for their employment. Opportunities are everywhere, and if one employer takes too long to respond or makes it too difficult to apply, some will quickly pass it up for another job opening.

Recruitment software can assist in keeping the candidate experience as seamless as possible by allowing candidates to have an effortless application experience and allowing recruitment managers to search for the perfect candidate based on specific skills, education, previous job experience and more. The application process is an important aspect of your organization’s image, and gives an early impression of how the organization operates along with the type of personnel it wants to attract.

Cloud Technology

Utilizing cloud technology gives users the flexibility that has previously been unavailable. With the Cloud, agencies are able to use any device at any time to manage HR and recruitment information.

Cloud technology enables employees to look through resumes, applicants, and comments from other reviewers. With access to all relevant hiring data, it’s easier for talent coordinators to see the bigger picture and address specific needs. Efficient applicant tracking allows recruiters and hiring managers to easily and affordably find, evaluate, and organize top job candidates, providing a 360-degree holistic view of top applicants.

As technology continues to grow, recruitment software is going to play an increasingly important role in attracting top talent. Health and Human Services executives will begin to invest more resources towards recruiting software as their industry demand continues to increase. Job boards will continue to play a vital role in recruiting strategy, attracting candidates to the positions that need to be filled. Now that recruitment software is as accessible as ever, it is time to take action.

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