One Mission,
One System

One HR and Payroll platform for the entire employee lifecycle.

Set the Stage
Use Position Control to build and manage your workforce by position, not by employee. Position Control enables you to have a clear view of your entire organization, and empowers you to proactively spot problem areas and opportunities at a glance.
Keep It Together
Manage, track, pay, and organize your workforce in one fell swoop with a unified system encompassing all the tools you need to achieve operational excellence at your organization. From new hire onboarding and self-service tools to a completely electronic employee file, you'll be paperless in no time.
Build Your Team
Identify, attract, and hire top talent with a seamless process for recruiting and new hire onboarding. You’ll be able to speed up your recruiting process without sacrificing quality, making sure that each new hire is qualified and approved to fill the position.
Save Time
Time is money. Your time and attendance solution needs to be easy-to-use, efficient, and compliant. Take the headaches out of time tracking and collection with our web-based time clocks, flexible configurations, and ensured wage and hour compliance.
Reap the Benefits
Automate open enrollment and empower your employees with access to the benefits information they need. Our benefits administration solution enables you to provide configurable benefit plans that flow seamlessly to payroll for accurate deductions.
Pay It Forward
Payroll doesn’t have to be painful. Sit back and relax while our system automates shift differentials, secondary pay rates, labor allocations, and more, with ease. You can spend your extra time shaping company strategy, and maybe take a coffee break.
Grow Together
Align your organization, achieve your mission. Our talent management solution allows you to connect goals, credentials, and learning requirements to employees, teams, and entire departments to keep everyone growing and learning together.
Measure Your Impact
With over 70 standard reports at your fingertips, your days of piecing together data in spreadsheets are over. Whether you’re looking for the big picture analytics or minute detail metrics, our business intelligence solution has your answer.

DATIS is Part of the ContinuumCloud

DATIS is now part of the ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions for social good. We’ll be providing the same great product and service as part of a suite of cloud-based solutions designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations.

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