Benefits Administration

Benefits Status: It's Complicated

Managing benefits eligibility is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our solution lets you configure multiple plan types with different eligibility rules for various employee groups. Once you define these, we handle the rest. Benefits eligibility status is tied to the position, not the employee, so it’s always maintained correctly in the system.

Enroll Online. It's Magic.

During open enrollment or a qualifying life event, employees are prompted to complete the online open enrollment wizard. You can configure this wizard based on your organization’s unique benefit options and include helpful external links for plan information, network doctors, and more. Your employees will be guided through an electronic process where they can see projected payroll deductions based on their choices and view side-by-side comparisons to help them make their decisions.

Watch it Happen

While your employees are selecting their benefits, you can sit back, relax, and monitor their progress from your Benefits Dashboard. You’ll be able to see which employees have completed, started, or not started the open enrollment wizard, and follow up with them accordingly. Once enrolled, you can review detailed reports about employee plan selections and deduction totals, enabling you to reconcile monthly carrier invoices in record time.

Plug the Leak

Benefits software and Payroll software work better as one. Unifying your payroll and benefits systems helps to ensure accuracy in deductions and reporting. We also take care of your carrier feeds through our Carrier Cloud service. You’ll receive alerts with any updates, including new loans, reductions, or additions to contributions, which flow directly into payroll and update automatically. It’s that easy.

DATIS is Part of the ContinuumCloud

DATIS is now part of the ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions for social good. We’ll be providing the same great product and service as part of a suite of cloud-based solutions designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations.

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