Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions

Human Capital Management, or HCM, refers to the practices and policies an organization uses to manage its workforce. HCM is an all-encompassing term that covers different stages of the employee lifecycle, including the recruiting or acquisition stage, onboarding, ongoing development and growth, and offboarding.


Why Human Capital Management

HCM solutions, also called Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), can greatly streamline processes and provide much needed visibility into your organization. It can help your organization operate in a more strategic manner that enables you to better achieve your mission.

Benefits of an HCM Solution

Ensure Compliance

Staying on top of federal, state, and local regulations and maintaining compliance is important for all health and human services organizations. Further, there are employee credentials that must be tracked and kept up to date. The right HCM solution will be able to automate a lot of these processes, providing peace of mind that your organization is compliant while freeing up your time to focus on the organization’s strategic mission.

Optimize Organizational Performance

Maintaining all of your workforce data in an HCM system can help provide visibility into your organization’s performance. With big picture data, you’ll more easily be able to take a proactive approach to optimizing operations to improve performance across your entire organization.

Enhance the Employee Experience

Employee engagement and the employee experience as a whole are more important for your organization’s success than ever before. An end-to-end HCM solution can help your organization provide a consistent employee experience that encompasses the entire employee lifecycle.

A Single Solution for All Your HCM Needs

DATIS specializes in providing a unified HCM solution that is tailored to the unique needs of the Health and Human Services organizations. Powered by Position Control, our system encompasses recruiting, HR management, time and attendance, payroll, benefits administration, employee self-service, talent management, and business intelligence.

A Unified Solution for All Your HCM Needs

Recruiting Management

The recruiting component of our software provides a streamlined candidate experience and ensures that all decision makers have the information they need to assess an applicant. For the individuals you choose to hire, information from their application flows directly into their employee file, eliminating redundant processes and repetitive paperwork.

HR Management

HR management is made easy with our HCM solution. With a unified platform, you’ll be able to structure the onboarding process for your new hire and get them acclimated to the company that much sooner. And, the employee file is completely paperless, ensuring all information is stored in a single, easy-to-find location. With a unified platform in place, you also have an ideal place to share company news across the entire organization or to specific locations or departments, keeping everyone updated and aligned.

Employee Self-Service

Employees are empowered with self-service tools that let them view important documents like paystubs and W-2s. They can also update personal information like direct deposit details and their home address at their convenience – all without having to lean on HR to get the job done.

Time & Attendance

Employees can punch in and out of work on desktop or via the mobile app. Your organization can set up geofences or IP restrictions to allow employees to log their time even while working in the field. Employees can also fill out effort reports to attribute their time to specific programs or cost centers – or, if their time is consistently allocated, these calculations can be made automatically.

Payroll Processing

Processing payroll is also a breeze, as our user-friendly dashboards let you view approved and pending timesheets at a glance. You can run a payroll analysis report to ensure accuracy before processing, giving you peace of mind that everything is accurate before hitting the ‘process’ button. 

Benefits Administration

Our unified HCM system also enables your organization to easily administer benefits. Our software ensures that employees who qualify for benefits receive the right information. Plus, employees are able to review information about different plans, compare price options, and make their elections using their self-service tools.

Talent Management

Performance appraisals, goal setting, and professional development can all be recorded and tracked as part of the employee file. Our platform can set up reminders to ensure important manager to employee check-ins happen on a regular basis, helping to improve the employee experience and allowing the entire workforce to develop and grow together.

Business Intelligence

Because our HCM solution is completely unified, we’re able to offer up a robust reporting system that eliminates information silos. You can view detailed data from specific programs or across different departments to proactively identify and address problem areas. These business reporting features can help you evaluate program efficiency, justify costs, and report back to funders and board members.

Position Control

The DATIS platform stands out from other systems because it offers true Position Control. This is a powerful tool that makes up the basis of our software, organizing the workforce by position rather than by employee.        

Position Control HCM Solution

Why Employee-Based Systems are Flawed

By contrast, most other HR and Payroll platforms use an employee-based system. The problem with this model is that your workforce is constantly changing. Employees may leave, be promoted, or make lateral moves to other departments. You’re likely hiring on a regular basis as well, either to replace employees who have left or to support the organization as it continues to grow.

With this constant state of fluctuation, you can never really get a clear picture of your workforce needs, which can lead to numerous problems. First, over-hiring and general budgeting issues arise. Position Control enables you to view your organization by position, including open positions that are approved to fill or not approved to fill yet. And, you can compare budgeted versus actual costs with Position Control to ensure you always maintain budget compliance. 

A Modular Disconnect

As a result of the shortcomings of an employee-based system, many software providers have started offering something called ‘position management.’ This is typically offered as an add-on modular feature that is designed to do the same thing as Position Control. However, as a module added onto an employee-based system, this cannot accomplish the same visibility and organization as true Position Control.

Position Control Unifies the HCM Experience

The HCM solution that DATIS provides for Health and Human Services organizations is modern and mobile, just like your workforce.

Modern & Mobile – Just Like Your Workforce

Our mobile app allows for employees to access the entire HCM system from the palm of their hands. Whether in the office or out in the field, you can ensure your entire workforce remains connected.

Modern and Mobile HCM

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows for employees to access the entire HCM system from the palm of their hands. Whether in the office or out in the field, you can ensure your entire workforce remains connected.

Cloud-Based System

Our HCM system is cloud-based, meaning that it is accessible from anywhere your employees may be working.


Cloud-based systems are a secure and convenient way to store your data. Plus, you don’t have to worry about on-site servers or hardware that take up space in the office.

Continuous improvements

The other advantage of a cloud-based system is that software updates and enhancements can be delivered in real time. You’ll always have access to the latest and most advanced version of the platform.

Comprehensive Service

A complete HCM solution is only partly about the software. It’s also about the people behind the software and the service they’re able to provide.

Comprehensive HCM Services

Proven Implementation Process

At DATIS, we use a proven implementation process that takes a consultative approach to set you up for success. We build the system to accommodate your existing processes and systems, optimizing it along the way based on our industry expertise.

Ongoing Customer Enablement

Once you’re up and running with your HCM solution, we offer ongoing support from a friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable customer support team.

Tax Services

Hate dealing with taxes? We have you covered here as well. Our team will handle your organization’s taxes for you, saving you the time and hassle.


The current and historical organizational data in our platform is always available to you at no additional cost. Access the data you want, when you want it.

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