Human Resource Payroll Systems

An HR and Payroll system is essential for any organization with employees. For smaller organizations that only have a handful of people, this HR and Payroll system may involve many manual processes. However, as the organization grows in employee headcount, it also grows in complexity, increasing the need for a software solution that can organize and automate processes for you. In fact, any mid-sized or larger organization need to be using software to ensure they’re able to operate efficiently and keep their organization running.

Payroll and HR Made Easy

An automated Payroll and HR system will make things easier for your organization. If you think about all of the processes you currently do manually, the time can quickly add up. How long does it take to collect, review, correct, and submit timesheets? What about calculating shift differentials or allocating each employee’s time to the right cost center? How often does an employee reach out to HR about updating their direct deposit or other personal information? These are just a few examples of the many manual processes that add up to significant amounts of time and costs. If you’re curious, you can use this online calculator to estimate the cost of manual processes at your organization.

An HR and Payroll system that’s built to your specifications can automate many of these HR and Payroll tasks, helping to ensure compliance, providing a single source of truth, and saving you significant time and money in the long-term.

Choosing a Payroll System that Fits Your Business Needs

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need new HR and Payroll software, either as a first-time system or to replace an antiquated system that’s no longer serving your needs, the next step is to start evaluating your options. There are numerous HR and Payroll platforms out there, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The key is to find the software that is best suited for your organization’s unique needs.

The benefits your organization can gain from HR and Payroll software will depend on the system you choose and how well it fits your business needs. Health and Human Services organizations function very differently from retailers, Fortune 500s, and the likes, and their needs are therefore very different. Finding a system that’s designed the way you need for your operations will help you maximize the benefits of your investment.

More Things to Consider When Choosing a System

When choosing a new HR and Payroll system, keep in mind that it’s not all about the features and functionality either. These are important considerations, for sure, but there’s more that needs to go into your selection process. Customer service and enablement is just as important of a consideration. With HR and Payroll software in particular, you’re looking at a long-term commitment, and you want your software provider to be present and available whenever you need them. Especially with software, which is constantly being updated and improved, you’ll want a knowledgeable partner on your side to help you maximize your use of the software.

Another key consideration that is all too often overlooked is the implementation process. This is the setup period of building out the software for your organization and introducing it to your employees. You can expect a steep learning curve during this time, but the adjustment period can go smoothly and seamlessly if your software provider has a structured system in place to help you through it. Likewise, if your provider simply puts the software in place and disappears, your organization will experience more challenges during the adjustment period. Remember that the implementation process is what sets you up for your long-term success (or lack thereof) with the software, so you’ll want to consider how the HR and Payroll software company goes about this process. To dig further into the considerations of selecting the right HR and Payroll solution for your organization, you can view our buyer’s guide for a step-by-step breakdown of the entire buying process.

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