Simply Robust Human Capital Management Software

A modern, unified approach to Human Capital Management software. Manage the entire employee lifecycle with one easy-to-use, cloud based workforce application.

Better Budgeting

Our Human Capital Management software is built on a foundation of Position Control. This ensures that your organization has no unbudgeted employees. Each new employee must be placed in an Approved to Fill position. Now, you can budget at the position and full-time equivalent level, which is especially important for nonprofits. Learn more about the benefits of Position Control.

Automated Credential Management

We know that tracking the credentials and licenses of all your employees is hard. So, we’ve made compliance easy and automatic. Employees and managers are sent regular status updates of their credentials. If any credentials are expiring soon, or have expired already, the system will send automatic notifications to let you know.

Quick, Compliant Onboarding

Bring new employees on board easily and efficiently with the workflow driven new hire onboarding process. The New Hire Wizard tool ensures that you collect all required employment documents and credentials before an employee begins work. All the information is then stored in an electronic employee file for reference.

Streamlined Communication

Use electronic employee acknowledgements with electronic signatures to share important information across the organization, or to certain groups of employees. Employees are able to read and acknowledge a variety of documents electronically such as employee handbooks, company policies, job descriptions, and more. You can also require documents to be downloaded and saved. All acknowledged documents will be stored in an audit able electronic employee file.

What is Human Capital Management Software?

A Human Capital Management (HCM) software solution, also called Human Resources (HR) software, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), or Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), is a holistic solution for managing the employee lifecycle. The best HR software solutions allow non-profit HR departments to evolve into strategic human capital management.

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