The Power of Position Control

What is Position Control? Position Control is the foundation of DATIS. Most HR & Payroll software is employee-based, meaning that each time an employee comes onboard, their position details need to be coded. We’re not like most HR software. With Position Control, your organization can budget by position, not just by employee. This is especially important for nonprofits to manage their budgets, compliance, and complex reporting needs.

The Organizational Chart

The Organizational Chart is an interactive and actionable way to manage employees and positions. You can use the chart to view the status of all positions at a glance and perform a number of tasks with the click of a button. View open positions, request approval to fill, view applicants for positions, complete performance appraisals, file corrective actions, and more, all from one page.

Inheritable Attributes

Build, track, and report on your organization with up to nine levels for your needs. Employees inherit position attributes such as GL coding, program, cost center, funding source, location, education, and credentialing requirements. When new employees come onboard, they simply inherit the predefined attributes of the position.


Experience superior accuracy and never code another employee again. You will be able to budget more effectively and manage your organization with ease, eliminating mistakes and funding clawback forever.


The workflow driven approval process is based on positions. Each position reports to another position, as displayed on the organization chart, so you never have orphaned employees. When an employee leaves a position, the position remains constant in the organization chart to be filled again with a new employee. The workflow chain will never break.

What is Position Control Software?

A Position Control human resources system tracks actual staffing levels and costs over time by assigning a unique number to each position and tracking that information separately from the employee that occupies that position. Position Control enables vacancy tracking and staffing and salary budgeting, while preventing over hiring and budget deficiencies.

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