Self-Service Software for Managers and Employees

DATIS employee and manager self-service software provides your organization will all the tools you need to succeed. Harness the power of cloud-based automation to drive savings and efficiencies. Easy-to-use self-service functions empower your employees to view important information and complete administrative tasks from anywhere, at any time.

Self-service software


Self-service software

  • Address Changes: Update address information quickly and electronically
  • Attendance Calendar: Year at-a-glance view of all types of leave requests
  • Benefits Election: View elections and declined coverage at any time
  • Direct Deposit: Update accounts and set up splits by percentage or dollar amount
  • Leave Requests: Submit electronically and view real-time leave balances
  • Paystubs: View past and current pay stubs and pay rate information
  • Timesheets: View and submit timesheets from anywhere, at any time
  • Training: Enroll in classes and view required curriculum to improve compliance
  • W-2: Current and historical W-2s are available to view and be distributed annually
  • W-4: Update and submit IRS approved electronic W-4 forms with e-signatures



Self-service software

  • Applicants: View and screen candidates for open positions
  • Corrective Actions: Start corrective actions and improvement plans for HR review
  • Leave Requests: Display a complete team view of pending and approved requests
  • Open Positions: Request new positions or request to fill existing positions
  • Pay Changes: Request pay changes for performance and merit increases
  • Performance Appraisals: Online, customizable appraisal templates
  • Timesheets: Review and approve all timesheets for your employees
  • Training: Approve training and monitor employee compliance to curriculum

What is Employee Self-Service Software?

Self-service functions are divided into two groups: manager self-service and employee self-service. Self-service software empowers managers to initiate workflow actions for an employee such as pay change request, performance appraisal, corrective actions, reassignments, terminations, and approvals.

DATIS self-service functions empower the employees to manage and view their statements, credentials, performance appraisals, and training. The employee benefits portal empowers the workforce to make changes to health, retirement, and insurance plans.