Drive Talent Development with Learning Management Software

DATIS Learning Management software tracks and manages all aspects of credential compliance. Our software solution provides a single source of truth to increase compliance and reduce risk.

Learning Management Software Credential Compliance

Powerful Learning Management

Use the Learning Management system to track, assign, and report on all your employees’ trainings from the cloud. Create your training classes and setup training specifications to be followed by different employees, job codes, or other groups. Employees can view prerequisites, course information, class sizes, schedules, and easily enroll online. Online course material is available and online grading is enabled for instructors.

Complete Compliance Tracking

Dynamic compliance trending graphs current compliance as well as 30, 60, and 90 day forecasted compliance using credential expiration date information.

Learning Management Software Class Compliance

Definable Curriculum

Define curriculum templates with optional and required courses and tie them to your job codes. Employees with the assigned job codes are automatically presented with the required curriculum.

Learning Management Software Template

Training Administration Tools

Training administrators can define courses, vendors, classes, and instructors. They have the ability to monitor class enrollment, openings, compliance, class capacity, and requirements for the next 30 and 60 days.

Audit Approved Electronic Files

Our Learning Management software stores all employee information in an electronic file indefinitely. Our clients have completely rid themselves of paper files and regularly pass audits with flying colors.

What is Learning Management Software?

A Learning Management System (LMS) automates the process of educating and training employees to earn proper credentials, competencies, and certifications.

DATIS Learning Management software gives organizations the ability to create and implement employee education programs and certification to ensure compliance and eliminate clawback in organizations.