A Fully Integrated Time & Attendance System

Our time & attendance system is unique because it is part of a holistic approach to Human Capital Management. This allows organizations to strategically reduce labor costs and compliance risk while increasing overall productivity.

Maximum Flexibility

With our cloud-based platform, your organization has the freedom to record time through a web-based time clock and timesheets so you don’t have to waste money on expensive hardware. You can choose from multiple time entry methods without sacrificing efficiency, control or compliance. The ePunch time clock enables employees to transfer between labor assignments such as jobs, cost centers, locations, funding sources, and more.

Who Is Going to be Out?

Absence management is easy with tools like electronic leave requests, work flow approvals, and full visibility into leave balances. Leave can be tracked according to any classifications, rules, or plan details that apply to your organization. Managers can use the Who Is Going to be Out? feature to view a calendar graph representation of which employees on their team have approved or have pending leave requests for the current, past, and future months.

Labor Compliance, Auditing and Reporting

When employees use the DATIS Time and Attendance system, they can be required to electronically attest to their time to ensure your organization is compliant with wage and labor laws. The system also maintains an auditable electronic history of time in and out, differential pay, leave requests, and balances. Robust labor distribution reports can be viewed by program, cost centers, location, funding source, and more.

Modern Manager Tools and Dashboards

Employee attendance data is graphed on manager dashboards in real-time for compliance monitoring and proactive management. Address missing punches before payroll deadlines and send automated reminders for timesheet submission. The dashboard will also show employees who are in or approaching overtime to help control unexpected labor costs. With Matrix Approvals, timesheets are simultaneously routed to multiple managers for faster review and approval of employee time worked in their assignment.

What is Time and Attendance Software?

Time and Attendance software is an automated process that captures employee hours worked. It reduces paper processes and manual errors during the payment process.

DATIS Time and Attendance software enables employees to record time worked that can be transferred between labor assignments such as jobs, programs, cost centers, locations, funding sources, and/or tasks. The ease-of-use and real-time monitoring allows organizations to cut time from the payroll cycle.

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