Meet The Datis Team

Erik Marsh


Erik is passionate about constantly learning and applying his knowledge to help clients better fulfill their missions and serve our communities. Erik is fluent in German and frequently visits family and friends in Germany. Erik also enjoys vacationing in the mountains, hiking, and snow skiing. He would love to visit Australia and New Zealand one day.

Brian Kennedy

Founder and Chief Software Architect

Brian is passionate about building and continually enhancing software that meets the needs of all users. He prefers collecting experiences over things and likes to spend time lifting and biking outside. He also enjoys discovering a new IPA on hot days, and knows how to order beer in several different languages.

Sridhar Duggireddy

Senior Director Application Development

Sridhar is a huge sports enthusiast who enjoys both playing tennis and watching football. In addition to sports, Sridhar enjoys watching movies and would love to one day travel the world. His favorite place to visit is New York because of the energy and ambience there.

Eric Berg

Senior Director Application Development

Eric enjoys exploring Florida with his wife and kids and especially likes spending time outdoors. His favorite vacation spot is a cabin with a nearby river for tubing, but he has also been on an Alaskan cruise and would like to visit Australia or go to Germany for Oktoberfest.

Alyssa Harley

Director of People and Culture

Alyssa is a native Floridian who likes to spend her free time traveling, boating, and fishing with her family. She is a season ticket holder for her favorite sports team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and she’s seen her favorite artist, Paul Simon, perform live five times. Alyssa is also training to run her third half marathon.

MaryJane Craig

VP of Marketing & Operations

MJ enjoys spending time at home with her dog, Izzy, as well as exploring Tampa by foot, bike, or scooter. She also loves to travel to new cities and studied abroad in Barcelona for six months while in college. She is a baking enthusiast and huge Harry Potter fan. Family is very important to her, and she is the youngest of five children.

Lezlie Chandler

Product Manager

Lezlie’s favorite vacation spot is Key West, but she would one day love to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii. In her free time, she enjoys watching The Office and collecting cat tchotchkes from various places she visits. She is also an international country line dance gold medalist.

Stephanie Kaselis

People and Culture Manager

Stephanie enjoys curating charcuterie boards for her friends and loves a good farmers market. Her love of cooking started when she was young and dreamed of having a show on the Food Network. One of her favorite places she's visited is Greece with her family. When she’s at home, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her fiancé and her dog, a Whoodle named Winston.

Dylan Kane

Account Executive

Dylan is passionate about coaching youth lacrosse and is an avid Eagles fan. When he’s not working, he enjoys destressing at the gym, relaxing at the pool, going to concerts, and traveling to the mountains to snowboard. He also has an extensive vinyl record collection and particularly enjoys classic rock.

Kristen McPherson

Digital Content Specialist

Kristen enjoys traveling to different countries, exploring new cuisines, and taking photos. When not at work, she can typically be found at jiu jitsu class, playing with her parrots at home, or riding around on her scooter. She has plans to upgrade to a motorcycle in the near future.

Skyler Nickols

Marketing Coordinator

Skyler enjoys cooking and spends her free time recreating food videos she sees online. She also enjoys watching The Office and spending time with her family. Skyler recently crossed skydiving off her bucket list and dreams of one day returning to Ireland on vacation.

Mithil Majety

Application Developer

Mithil enjoys watching sci-fi movies and cooking in his free time. Mithil also likes to travel, especially to India to visit family, and would like to travel the world one day. He also enjoys daredevil activities like skydiving and is willing to try out just about any adventurous activity you can think of.

Zuhdi Mansour

Application Developer

Zuhdi likes to spend his free time with his family, play soccer and football, and root for the Green Bay Packers. He also enjoys traveling the world, and his favorite place to visit is Rome, Italy. If he could have any superpower, he would choose flying, just so he could do more traveling.

Eric Ribeiro

Application Developer

Eric spends his free time drawing and painting, playing the guitar and drums, and playing video games. He is also the proud owner of two cats, Sushi and Cleo. One bucket list item that he hopes to cross off the list one day is skydiving.

Suraj Nagaraj

Application Developer

Suraj enjoys playing video games, traveling to new places, taking photos, and learning about the latest technology. He is most passionate about playing cricket and soccer and couldn’t live without his PlayStation. He would one day like to see the Northern Lights.

Dinaker Kolipaka

Application Developer

Dinaker enjoys swimming, listening to music, riding his bike, cooking, and reading novels. He is most passionate about food, from inventing new recipes to trying different restaurants. He also enjoys watching movies and TV shows, including Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and everything Marvel.

Rishab Khandelwal

Application Developer

Rishab enjoys learning about new technologies and watching comedy shows in his free time. He also likes going to the beach and has visited Niagara Falls. When he was a kid, he wanted to be a professional cricket player. These days, he enjoys doing adventure sports instead.

Rohini Maskar

Application Developer

Rohini likes to spend her free time watching movies and tv shows, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. Her interests include fashion design, and she enjoys learning different techniques for doing hair and makeup. When she has a chance, she would like to one day go skydiving as well as visit Paris and Switzerland.

Yazan Mansour

Application Developer

Yazan is passionate about playing soccer and even wanted to be a professional soccer player when he was a kid. He would like to one day watch a World Cup final live and is also a huge Green Bay Packers fan. He is most proud of graduating from University of Florida with a degree in computer engineering and considers his father his hero and role model.

Adam Wood

Application Developer

Adam enjoys saltwater fishing and playing video games in his free time. He loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy and anything similar that relates to fantastical medieval settings. Adam also likes to collect Magic the Gathering cards that have historical significance or interesting art. His number one bucket list item currently is visiting east Asia to see Japan, South Korea, and China.

Vaibhav Karnam

Application Developer

Vaibhav is passionate about soccer and a huge supporter of Manchester United. He enjoys spending his free time hanging out with friends, learning about airplanes, and watching crime and detective shows. His ideal vacation is camping in the woods at peace and amidst the wildlife, and he would like to one day meet the alligators at the Everglades.

Avtar Singh Bamra

Application Developer

Avtar enjoys learning about new technologies and has his own YouTube channel. In his free time, he likes to cook Indian food, watch new movies, and make his own short movies. In addition to speaking three languages (English, Hindi, and Punjabi), Avtar has a hidden talent for Punjabi rapping and gains his inspiration from Bohemia, the creator of desi hip hop.

Saloni Kalsekar

Application Developer

Saloni enjoys swimming, traveling, and trying new cuisines. She loves Indian food, especially paneer dishes. Saloni also enjoys watching sitcoms in her free time, including Friends and The Office. She likes to collect souvenirs from each state and airport she visits, and she would like to one day go on a world tour. Saloni considers her parents her heroes for helping her become the person she is today.

Sriram Voonna

Application Developer

Sriram likes to spend his free time watching movies, spending time with friends, and learning about mythology. He also loves volleyball and enjoys exploring different types of food from all around the world. Sriram can speak four languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. His bucket list items include one day seeing the Northern Lights and going skydiving.

Allissa King

Solution Specialist

Allissa loves exploring new places and trying new foods. She would one day like to go to Oktoberfest in Germany. When she’s not making travel plans, Allissa enjoys spending time on the beach, outdoors, and cheering on the WVU Mountaineers.

David Stauter

Solution Specialist

David enjoys spending his free time taking his daughters to fun places like Disney, and he would love to one day see Domus Aurea in Rome. At home, David enjoys watching Game of Thrones, Bojack Horseman, and various sports. In particular, he likes watching football and baseball and is a die-hard Cubs fan.

Peggy Eden

Solution Specialist

Peggy is an Army Veteran and avid sports fan who loves cheering on her Cleveland hometown teams – the Browns and the Cavaliers. She dreams of one day getting the opportunity to cage dive with great white sharks and couldn’t live without red wine, Oreos, and most importantly, her son Rocket.

Stephanie Trinidad

Solution Specialist

Stephanie loves her family, especially her twin girls! Her family also includes her pet tortoise Ruby that she’s had since high school. When not at work or spending time at home with the family, her favorite vacation spot is Hawaii.

Katie Olivencia

Solution Specialist

Katie enjoys family activities in her free time, including going to the park, beach, museums, zoo, and movies. Her travels have taken her to places as distant and diverse as Dubai and Thailand, and she is also a huge foodie. She loves trying out new restaurants and different foods.

Breanne Henninger

Solution Specialist

Breanne is proud to be the first in her family to graduate college. She enjoys playing video games with her husband and friends and has two rescue cats, Summer and Autumn. Her favorite vacation spot is anywhere tropical, and she is happy to have crossed off her bucket list item of moving to Tampa.

Kelsey Grimes

Solution Specialist

Kelsey is passionate about running and would like to run a 10k in every state. She also enjoys reading and owns more than 250 books, with favorites including Frankenstein and the Harry Potter series. She also enjoys spending time with her two cats, Grettel and Meatball, and she owns an extensive collection of cat art.

Deegan Miller

Solution Specialist

Deegan couldn’t live without coffee and a good book. At home, she has a rottweiler named Rose and a cat named Cat. Deegan’s favorite vacation spot is anywhere that she can be outdoors and enjoying nature, and she’s always up for an adventure. She would love to one day travel to every continent and visit as many different countries as possible.

Tai Lam

Payroll Automation Specialist

Tai enjoys traveling all around the world and has already visited more than 15 countries. He would like to one day travel to Europe and vacation in Hawaii as well. Tai enjoys watching football and is an avid USF Bulls and Buccaneers fan. He could eat sushi every day and speaks three different languages – English, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Danae Argudin

Payroll Tax Accountant

Danae enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time out in nature. Her favorite place to visit is Andalucia, Spain, and she has also crossed Paris and Rome off her bucket list. Family is very important to her, including her daughter as well as her mother and grandmother who are her role models.

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