Human Services Software for HR and Payroll

DATIS is the only HR and Payroll software solution designed specifically for the Health and Human Services Industry.

Provide Higher Quality of Care Through Workforce Management

With over two decades of experience working with Health and Human Services organizations, we have tailored our HR and Payroll software to meet the unique needs of your industry. Our clients harness the powers of our system to increase workforce visibility, control labor costs, decrease compliance risk, and produce robust reports that enable them to better manage their workforce and deliver higher quality care.

Enable Executive Insights

Access concise and relevant reporting for the C-suite to review industry-specific trends, identify problem areas, and recognize opportunities. View at-a-glance metrics for vacancy rates, daily-lost revenue, turnover trends, PRN utilization, overtime costs, and more. Additionally, use drill-down capabilities to break down information by program, cost center, funding source, or other organizational level.

Measure Financial Efficiency

DATIS human services software helps organizations that struggle to manage employee productivity in a multi-dimensional environment that includes programs, cost centers, locations, and funding sources. Our payroll engine handles complex pay scenarios such as shift differentials, secondary pay rates, fully burdened multi-level labor allocations, mid-period pay changes and much more without manual intervention. Additionally, we support integrations with General Ledger and EHR systems to provide insights into the financial efficiency of programs and the service level delivery of front-line staff.

Increase Workforce Visibility and Fill Open Positions Faster

The interactive and actionable Organizational Chart enables HR to maintain organizational hierarchy, review position attributes, and monitor recruiting status, all in one place. Since each employee must be placed in an approved to fill position, nonprofits can easily adhere to staffing and salary budgets. Additionally, our human services software ensures that position attributes like FLSA status, Job Code, and Credential Requirements are maintained and applied to each employee that fills the position, without having to be recoded.

Manage Performance and Monitor Compliance

Managers can view team-wide reporting and drill down into individual metrics for performance, compliance, attendance, and credentials. Managers and their employees proactively receive configurable statements of credentials on file and alerts for credentials that are expiring soon to avoid noncompliance. Additionally, managers can ensure accurate staffing levels by viewing a full team view of all pending and approved leave.