• Brian Kennedy

    Brian Kennedy

    Founder and
    Chief Software Architect
    Brian founded DATIS in 1996 and brought his human resource and accounting experiences to build DATIS a state-of-the-art software, e3. Brian’s pioneering vision was of a cloud based software that continually updated and enhanced for the benefit of all clients without having to upgrade versions. Brian has a B.S. in Finance and Masters of Accountancy from University of Tennessee.
  • Erik Marsh

    Erik Marsh

    and CEO
    Erik is the President and CEO at DATIS and attended Indiana University, Bloomington. Erik’s respect for the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, illuminates his thought leadership skills that he continuously demonstrates at DATIS. Although he is serious about business, he loves spending his down time with his two boxers.
  • Sridhar Duggireddy

    Sridhar Duggireddy

    Sridhar is an application developer at DATIS and attended The University of South Florida. He currently leads the development team on the e3 product and DATIS internal projects. Sridhar enjoys playing tennis in his free time and has developed a mean back swing. Being that tennis is his favorite sport, he greatly respects Roger Federer, a Swiss professional tennis player.
  • Jennifer Trupia

    Jennifer Trupia

    Tax and
    Jennifer is the cornerstone of DATIS’ daily operations, processing and tax services. She has a B.S. in Accounting from St. Johns University in New York, and is also an Enrolled Agent. When not at work, Jennifer is spending time with her two young daughters. Lastly, Jen loves to spend time with her family at Disney World.
  • Katie Dickson

    Katie Dickson

    Corporate Controller
    Katie is responsible for business operations at DATIS and attended the University of Florida. She is a quiet and organized person who loves spending time with her family and vacationing in Hawaii. Also, Katie once worked on a farm in Ireland which contributed to her hard working nature.
  • Megan Marone

    Megan Marone

    Megan is a tax accountant at DATIS focusing in tax and compliance. She is an undergraduate at the University of Tampa pursuing a degree in Accounting. As a Florida native, she has a profound love for warm weather and playing golf year round. As much as Megan enjoys Florida, she dreams of visiting Australia. It is difficult to miss her ambition and hardworking character as it shows through in everything she does.
  • Mary Jane Craig

    Mary Jane Craig

    MJ is a Marketing Content Manager here at DATIS and graduated from The University of Tampa. She is presently responsible for focusing on marketing content, communications, and creating campaigns for DATIS’ ongoing marketing efforts. In her free time, MJ loves to feel the wind in her face as she sails the Boston Harbor. No wonder why she describes herself as an adventurous being.
  • Dellas Hustead

    Dellas Hustead

    Dellas is an Account Executive at DATIS and works with customers to help match their needs with our solution and offerings. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his two sons and wife of almost 17 years. Dellas is a quiet and honest person who enjoys vacationing on the upper peninsula of Michigan.
  • Ally Edwards

    Ally Edwards

    Ally is a marketing intern at DATIS while attending the University of Tampa. Her primary duties include database management, social media, and blogging. Her creative mindset makes her a valued member of the marketing team. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach, one of the many reasons she chose to leave Chicago for Florida. Ally’s positive attitude and willingness to learn is always appreciated at DATIS.
  • Michael Squitieri

    Michael Squitieri

    Mike is a solution specialist at DATIS with a primary focus on employee benefits. Mike originally went to school to be a veterinary technician, but found a drive to work with software as his career developed. Every year, Mike and his wife visit the Hawaiian Island of Oahu and watch their young, adopted daughter play in the white sand. Mike's humor and personal drive make him a valuable member to the DATIS team.
  • Eric Berg

    Eric Berg

    Eric is an application developer with DATIS and attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. His primary focus is working on front end development and user interface, the surface of e3. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his kids and trying different craft beers. He would also like to visit California one day.
  • Bryan LaFavors

    Bryan LaFavors

    Bryan is a front end developer at DATIS and attended Central Michigan University. He is presently working on the e3 site refresh. As a competitive and personable individual, he enjoys kicking butt with kick boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Don’t let him fool you with his physical abilities; he is great at bluffing in a game of poker as well.
  • Mithil Majety

    Mithil Majety

    Mithil is an application developer here at DATIS and graduated from the University of Illinois, Springfield. He is responsible for developing the DATIS website, production support, and working on quality products related to benefits management. Mithil is a family oriented individual who cannot wait to get back to his favorite vacation spot in his home country, Kullu Manali, India.
  • Kishore Cherukuri

    Kishore Cherukuri

    Kishore is an Application Developer here at DATIS and attended the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad in India. He is currently working on benefits administration in e3. When Kishore isn’t embracing his passion of playing cricket, he enjoys relaxing and spending time with his wife. Kishore attributes most of his work ethic and drive to his uncle, whom he greatly admires.
  • John Kishe

    John Kishe

    John is an Application Developer at DATIS and attended Florida State University. He is currently working on e3 enhancements and functionality. John loves going out and finding new adventures with his family and friends. One of his favorite places to visit is Zanzibar, Tanzania. Even though John may seem to have a quiet demeanor, he is very outgoing and ambitious. DATIS is glad to have him on the team.
  • Virgil Floresca

    Virgil Floresca

    Virgil is a system and network architect with DATIS and proudly attended the University of South Florida. He is a fun and ambitious individual who can brighten up any situation. His diligent behavior is something that can be attributed to his parents, who he greatly admires. When he's not snorkeling and relaxing in the Florida Keys, he can be found snowboarding the mountains of the West.
  • Carley Donovan

    Carley Donovan

    Carley is the Marketing Coordinator at DATIS and has an MBA from the University of Tampa. She is responsible for content, database management, event coordination, and more. Originally from Westwood, Massachusetts, Carley has moved to Florida seeking new experiences and opportunities. In her spare time, Carley enjoys photography, water sports, and traveling.
  • Sean Tate

    Sean Tate

    Sean is an Application Developer at DATIS and a graduate from the University of Maryland. He is responsible for designing the next version of e3 applicants and various other projects. Sean has over 12 years’ experience in the IT industry and hopes to continue building world class software. In his spare time, Sean enjoys playing tennis, being outside, and living a healthy, balanced life.
  • Lezlie Garcia

    Lezlie Garcia

    Lezlie is a Solution Specialist at DATIS. Her primary role with DATIS is administering client services for e3. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tampa and Master’s Degree from Troy University. In her spare time, Lezlie enjoys spending time with her family, being outside, and country line dancing. She is an International Line Dancing Gold Medalist.
  • Lolitha Bose

    Lolitha Bose

    Lolitha is a Benefits Specialist at DATIS and a graduate from the University of Florida. She is responsible for handling client benefits, project management, providing client support, and more. She is a certified human resources professional. In her spare time, Lolitha enjoys traveling, reading, painting, hiking, and spending time with her family.
  • Jason Bennett

    Jason Bennett

    Sales Development
    Jason is the Sales Development Representative at DATIS. He is responsible for first level interactions with prospective clients, assisting with demonstrations, and more. Jason enjoys finding out the challenges of the prospective clients' organizations and offering a solution. In Jason’s spare time, he enjoys fishing and golfing. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from The University of South Florida.
  • Adam Hawkins

    Adam Hawkins

    Adam is an accounting intern at DATIS. He is originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, but is currently pursuing a degree in accounting at the University of Tampa. In Adam’s spare time, he enjoys working out, writing music, and reading a good book.
  • Zuhdi Mansour

    Zuhdi Mansour

    Zuhdi is an application developer at DATIS. Originally from Kuwait, Zuhdi came to the states to study electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where he became a die-hard fan of the Green Bay Packers. When Zuhdi isn’t busy cheering on the green and gold, he enjoys traveling to exotic places.