Goal and Performance Management Software

DATIS Performance Management software enables you to establish goals for an entire organization or team, create cascading goals, monitor credential compliance, and assess goal completion. This allows for maximum alignment and overall increased employee engagement.

performance management software

Strategic Goal Setting

Start with strategic organizational objectives and line-of-sight objectives to build cascading goals for departments and individuals. Add individual contributor productivity targets to set clear performance objectives for your employees.

Configurable Performance Appraisals

Create your performance review process from the ground up. With DATIS, you have the ability to set organizational, departmental, and individual objectives and goals. Once these are set, use the Performance Appraisal Builder to create the right standardized templates for each goal. Performance appraisals are not one size fits all. Make every employee your best employee by configuring the process according to your organization’s specific needs.

Performance Management Software

Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance

The heart of wrongful termination lawsuits are inconsistent performance appraisal processes. When you establish a standardized performance appraisal process with DATIS, you empower managers to be more consistent in employee evaluation and identify issues needing corrective action earlier.

Corrective Actions in the Cloud

Our cloud-based solution makes the initiation and resolution of corrective actions quick and painless. Establish an audit trail of reasons, steps, and outcomes and upload any supporting documentation needed. Electronic corrective actions will aid managers with performance appraisal time and limit employee claims.

What is Performance Management Software?

Performance review goal setting in human resource management can be automated to track employee achievements and accreditation. The Goal Achievement software allows organizations to set specific objectives and monitor the progression.