DataConnect by DATIS

Do you feel like your data is being held hostage? Many organizations are held back by mountains of unorganized and inaccessible information. DATIS sets your data free with unrivaled transparency and access to information.

Free Your Data

Other HR and Payroll providers keep your data behind bars and only give you standard reporting outputs. If you want a custom report – it will cost you. At DATIS, we believe that your data belongs to you and we make sure that you have all of it in a relevant and useful format. DataConnect allows you to duplicate and distribute all of your data from the DATIS Human Capital Management and Payroll software to another database as often as you choose. This service provides a powerful and flexible system for synchronizing data across your organization. Our clients use this service as an innovative way to integrate data from multiple collection points and store it in a data warehouse for reporting that produces revolutionary results.

How It Works

DataConnect uses advanced cloud technology to provide your organization with all of your data in a format that makes it easy to build accessible and actionable reports. We take the data we get from our software, transform it from the granular code into helpful data sets, and send it to your organization’s data warehouse through a secured connection. These data sets can then be used to build reports on unique metrics that identify and solve business problems. This data is easily integrated with other data sources, like an EHR, for cross-referencing to build even more robust reports.

Learn More about the Cloud

Interested in learning more about our secure, scalable cloud technology? Our customers enjoy faster deployment, regular updates, lower total cost of ownership, and freedom from nonstrategic IT issues to focus on the core business. Learn more here.

“We actually take our information from our HR system and match it up to our EHR and with that we are able to run reports that show us the service level delivery of what our people are doing.”

-Peggy Chase, TERROS